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Softview Monthly 

  • High oxygen transmissibility for healthier eyes
  • Soft and moist lens material for excellent end of day comfort
  • Rounded lens edge for comfort
  • Aspheric front surface for sharper vision

For patients who demand more from their contact lenses

Softview Monthly contact lens includes Aquaform® Comfort Science™. And this means wearers can benefit from:

  • A naturally hydrophilic lens that locks water within, minimising dehydration
  • A lens that stays moist without the need of wetting agents
  • Deposit resistance and less build-up due to the high wettability of the lens surface

Aquaform Comfort Science utilises longer siloxane chains which results in less silicone incorporated into the lens material. Less silicone creates a more flexible lens that's soft and comfortable. These siloxane chains also contribute to maximise oxygen transmissibility.

Product details 

  • Material: Comfilcon A (silicone hydrogel)
  • Manufacturer: Coopervision
  • Parameters: Diameter 14.0mm, Base Curve 8.6
  • Packaging: 3 lenses per box